USGS neighborhood map 1954.png

A Place of Pride: A Look at a Historic Downtown Neighborhood

Digital Companion

This website is the digital companion to the physical exhibit commemorating the lost history of historic downtown St. Louis African American neighborhoods in the vicinity of the new NGA West campus. Over the years, these neighborhoods have suffered displacement at the hands of private developers and city government. Themes of community, resistance, and achievement embodied in the exhibit convey how the vital connections between people and place-based stories coalesced into the vibrant memory of these neighborhoods.

This digital companion includes two Story Maps and one oral history video. The first Story Map shows lost landscapes and their connections to place-based stories. The second Story Map shows area properties owned by Paul McKee and NorthSide Regeneration, LLC, and explores their history, how they were acquired and what has happened to them.

The exhibit, including the Story Maps and oral history video, is on display at The Griot Museum of Black History through May 20, 2022. Those who cannot experience the physical exhibit or wish to view it in their own time can watch it here.

The exhibit was curated by students in the Museums and Communities course in the Museums, Heritage, and Public History program at the University of Missouri -St. Louis.